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Report Breakdown.

In depth report analysing your monitoring data across the following areas:

  • Introduction
  • Key Insights
  • Overview
    • Volume
    • Sources
    • Domain
    • Volume by State
    • Key Topics
  • Sentiment

    Only included when manual sentiment grading is purchased through Account Services

  • Key Influencer Identification
  • Topic Analysis

    Covers themes, issues and competitor analysis

  • Conclusion
  • Glossary of Terms


Examine key trends and explore critical insight into areas that will have real impact for your business.

Do you need to deliver quick and efficient social media insights but don’t have the time to deep dive into data? Looking to sure up your direction or spot where your competitors might be lacking? You need an industry expert in your corner to deliver social media insights for your business.

BuzzNumbers offers a range of Insights Reports based on your organisations needs; from campaign analysis, competitor research, event performance, crisis reporting, brand tracking.

Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Quarterly


Price is based on frequency of reports
and excludes monitoring costs.

$550 + gst $1100 + gst $2200 + gst $3500 + gst

Get additional services

Our social media analysis team will work with your BuzzNumbers data to deliver insights based on the above report overview. Looking for detailed sentiment analysis? Our team believes in manual sentiment grading for greater accuracy in understanding what is positive, negative and neutral. (additional to report cost)

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