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Webinar Recording: Creating A Meaningful Social Media Benchmark Using Monitoring [8min]

Watch this sub-10min webinar and see how I demonstrated the easy way to deliver a straight-forward benchmark metric that can deliver some powerful insight for your business.

We ran through how to pull a social media volume report for a major bank and then talked through the simple steps that can turn this social media data into critical understanding about how you stack up vs. your competition and how it can be used to track your organisation month to month.

Bonus for sales focused businesses! We discussed how you can add in some of your other business information and uncover inside information about your competitors’ off-line performance.


Creating A Meaningful Social Media Benchmark Using Monitoring. from BuzzNumbers on Vimeo.

16 August, 2012 - 2 Comments
  • Sharol

    Where does the metrics get drawn from? Do you have to input this data in yourself or is it automatically picked up based on the key words that you input? 

    • mikebuzz

      Hi Sharol – all the data is automatically picked up by the BuzzNumbers monitoring tool based on the keywords we set out around Australian banks.  It is a pretty powerful report to get a quick snapshot and some big picture perspective.