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Top Ten Takeaways from ad:tech Australia

Social Media Insights by BuzzNumbers
By Rachel Baartz, Digital Solutions Specialist, BuzzNumbers (an iSentia service).

1. To live a creative life, is to lose the fear of being wrong. Incorporating brainstorming where colleagues listen to each other and are encouraged to reach for the wild ideas, which are often the “ideas with the longest tales” for their audiences engagement.  (adapted from Owen Rogers, Ideo)

2. The proof is in the data. Using analytics to quantify that your ideas are reaching your audience i.e. Netflix created the show House of Cards based on the data that audiences loved; right down to the colour palette used, actors, time it was shown, advertising avenues. (adapted from Tim Trumper, Quantium)

3. No matter how traditional your business may seem, there is a way to incorporate digital engagement.  The example of Australia Post’s video stamp is a brilliant use of “part traditional, part personalisation”. (adapted from Auspost and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne)

4. The idea of “instrumentalisation” behind your marketing: “the treatment of an idea as an instrument that functions as a guide to action”. Taking your audience on a journey that speaks to them, as a way of making your brand resonate (e.g. P&G Thank you Mom campaign) (adapted from REBORN and PhD Australia)

5. The future of digital marketing may lay in your accessory drawer – be prepared for wearable technologies. The time to experiment with content and development for these emerging technologies is now! Google glass, smart watches etc – ugly now.. but wait until they are the size of a contact lens and your business will want to be involved. (adapted from Josh Guest at B2Cloud)



6. Australians are the fourth highest socially engaged in the world. We’ve got 87% of the population online. Not bad for a down under, sunburnt country of farmers hey?! (adapted from Gian Fulgoni at comScore)



7. While Smartphone use is up by 344%, desktop is also up by 7%. Consider which segments have switched to mobile such as weather and maps – think about how your audience will use their devices when creating campaigns. (adapted from Gian Fulgoni at comScore)

8. 70% of the decision to purchase is made before an interaction with a salesperson. Social media has the power to impact that 70% – long before the client even knows they are in the market to buy. This is where thought leadership, engaged social communities and brand reputation are so important. (adapted from.. everyone at ad:tech)

9. Proximity marketing is about to get a whole lot closer, by looking at combined marketing strategies using GPS, Wifi triangulation, iBeacons and more. Pretty soon you’ll be capturing the movement data of your audience in order to push them targeted marketing when they are near a relevant purchase location. But how will we stop consumers from being overloaded? (adapted from Michael Gethen at Sprooki)

10. “Is this really, truly, a mobile idea?” Consider that clients may not visit your app for the reason you want them to.. they will only visit if there’s a true benefit that makes them CHOOSE to visit. (adapted from Tom Eslinger at Saatchi & Saatchi)

What a fantastic conference with some usable takeaways that really resonated with us.
Were you at ad:tech? What were your best takeaways? Let me know on Twitter.
Rachel Baartz, Digital Solutions Specialist, BuzzNumbers (an iSentia service). You can keep up with Rach on Twitter at @baartzie 
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