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System Updates & Feature Releases. NOV-12

Welcome to the BuzzNumbers system improvements and feature release update.  We’re committed to evolving the BuzzNumbers social media monitoring application to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.  Here are a few of the latest releases that we’ve been hard at work on, plus a few insights as to what’s next on our road-map.


Our training specialists at BuzzNumbers have released updated online training for all clients and users to keep themselves informed and updated on social media monitoring and BuzzNumbers. These are online training modules with videos that allow you to become educated and certified in social media monitoring.



Keyword Estimator Form

We have built an external form for checking keyword use so that you can see how many mentions you can expect will be returned before you put them into your search terms. This has been especially helpful for estimating volume to ensure you are on the right pricing package, and also to look at whether some further refinement is required.



Replicating Twitter URL Preview

Based on feedback from our clients we recognized that you want your followers to see which site you are posting about. When composing Tweets using the Engage tab in BuzzNumbers now, the URL when shrunk will displaying as the full URL when the mouse is hovered over it.

Coming Soon

  • Training Webinars.  we will be offering online interactive training webinars allowing clients to do refresher training more frequently and share ideas with peers.
  • Word Clouds.  The final stages of word clouds are being built into the system and should be available in the not too distant future
  • Improvements to Facebook posting.   We are working to replicate Facebook posts from BuzzNumbers including previews.


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