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System Updates & Feature Releases. OCT-12

Welcome to the BuzzNumbers system improvements and feature release update.  We’re committed to evolving the BuzzNumbers social media monitoring application to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.  Here are a few of the latest releases that we’ve been hard at work on, plus a few insights as to what’s next on our road-map.

Keyword Change Form

We’ve released a new keyword form that gives estimates on keyword volume when changing search terms. This form now triggers an estimate when a new keyword is entered so that you get an idea of how many mentions adding this word will generate into you account. This new form makes it more obvious that by adding generic keywords you may bring back so many results that the data becomes unusable. The system will also provide useful alternative suggestions for keywords.

You can find the form under Searches in Settings. 

Note: there will be further improvements to this form this month.

Report Template Overhaul

Based on what our clients need to report on, we have updated the default report templates to better answer the questions your business asks you about social media monitoring. You won’t lose any reports if you are currently using them but we think the new template is easier to use and more effective for your business needs. We recommend you still add your own charts from the Analyse tabs and using Checked Conversations from the Monitor tab too.

Find the new template under the Report tab named Default Template.


IE7 & 8

Our Tech team have been working hard to improve system performance on Internet Explorer browsers for some of our clients including display issues and performance run-time. We strongly recommend that clients upgrade to Chrome, Firefox or Safari where possible to take advantage of full system functionality.


Coming Soon

  • Keyword Helper Form. More tools and functionality designed to help clients understand keywords and assist with changing your search terms.
  • Functionality Alerts. Messages to alert you when there is a part of the system you aren’t using that you may want to take advantage of.


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