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March 2013 System Updates

Historical Searching

We’re excited to announce that the BuzzNumbers platform now has the ability to search for historical or backdated mentions. This means that when entering new keywords into your list of searches, we will bring backdated mentions into your account, from about the last month or so. There are different volumes available from different sources when you look at backdated data i.e. Twitter data is only available for 7 days, Facebook only allows us to scrape 100 mentions and there are some news sites that allow backdated searching for longer than that.

So while it is still much more accurate to enter keywords before that search is relevant, at least this ability helps if you are a few days late in remembering to add a keyword to one of your campaigns.

A thorough explanation of the keyword system can be found on BuzzAcademy

You don’t need to do anything extra to run historical searching, it will automatically occur in the system when you add a new keyword/twitter handle/hashtag and hit Save in the Settings.

Interactive Product Training Webinars

We now offer product training through interactive training webinars online at four different times each week. Our trainer will be logged on and sharing screens with you to show you around the system and teach you how to perform different tasks. There is interactive audio as well so you can hear what is happening and ask questions for more detail.

These sessions are split into Beginners and Advanced and can be useful for training new team members or getting a refresher if it’s been a while since you last spent time in the BuzzNumbers platform. For more detail and to register for training sessions go to:

Improved Map Explorer Functionality

The map technology has been upgraded to Google Maps API Version 3. This upgrade has allowed for more functionality when searching and exploring the mentions on the map view. As part of this upgrade we have also made navigational improvements when clicking (right and left click) on the markers on the map, so that this is now more informative.

Word Clouds

Word clouds are now available as a way of viewing the frequency of keywords in your mentions. Essentially the highest occurrence of a keyword match will be the largest word in the cloud, with the text size decreasing down to the least frequent keyword match. This visual representation can be a quick and handy way to see what is trending in your mentions.

These are accessed through the Monitor tab > Conversation Explorer > Word Cloud (under the apply button)

Coming Up in BuzzNumbers

  • Peak Alerts Upgrade. Coming very soon we will be reviewing and changing how Peak Alerts are triggered based on feedback from our clients on when these alerts are most useful.
  • Customisable Dashboard. We are working on the ability to further customise the dashboard to make it easier for you to see metrics that are specific to your business and customisable for your priorities.
  • Improved Search Functionality. Our next biggest technology development will be in more advanced search functionality, such as proximity search and multiple qualifiers.


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