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Client Case Study: Pharmaceutical

Key Contact: 

National Marketing Manager.

Organisation Background:

Our client is a multinational pharmaceutical company and a world leader in cutting edge research, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products for sale in the prescription and over-the-counter medication. The company covers 7 major therapeutic areas, including; cardiovascular, central nervous system, diabetes, internal medicine, oncology, thrombosis and vaccines.

The Situation:

Our client was preparing to embark on a new marketing campaign – their first foray into the sale of over the counter diabetes products.  Prior to finalising and launching the multi-channel campaign, the client wanted to benchmark and also discover what social media platform(s) offered them the greatest.

The Solution:

Step 1: Collation.

A BuzzNumbers Account Manager worked with the client to scope out the monitoring exercise and determine what constituted valuable information for the client.

Once the desired insights  and goals  were defined, keywords and phrases were loaded into the BuzzNumbers monitoring system to harvest and analyse the relevant conversations.

During the  3-month monitoring period,  over 500,000 pieces of content about  diabetes were collected in the form of postings and conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Forums, blogs, and across other sites and sources that were tracked.

Step 2: Analysis

Using the powerful filtering capabilities in the BuzzNumbers product combined with the work of one of our analysts, we were able to segment the conversations  according to those about Type 1  diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and  according to whether they were being had by patients or by their carers.  We further analysed these conversations by theme, sentiment, geography, and who the influencers were in each group.

The Results:

Result 1: Influencer identification

BuzzNumbers provided our client with a list of the most digitally influential Type 1 diabetes patients in Australia. Using this information they were able to put the new product directly in their hands for a pilot program and instantly build an advocacy group for this life-changing and innovative product.

Result 2: Alteration of Strategy

Whist Twitter and Facebook were still key channels for online diabetes  conversations; the  discovery of subject matter blogs and forums gave the client far more  insight into the thoughts, questions, and concerns of both  patients and carers. The learnings from this newfound perspective  became  the foundation for designing the marketing message and creation of relevant collateral and education.

Perhaps the most interesting area that came to light through the monitoring exercise is the capability for the business to tap into the wealth of content on forum-based peer-to-peer health care. This is the phenomenon that carers and patients seek out people in similar situations to themselves on forums to ask questions, seek support, and make recommendations or give advice to others. Tapping into this stream of conversation allowed our client to get first-hand information from their potential customer base, a very rare occurrence in the pharmaceutical industry.


Assuming you know where people are and what they talk about can be a mistake. Whilst there are some leading platforms out there such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the web is also riddled  with niche networks, blogs and forums; these may not get the mass traffic of the leading sites, but the specificity of content to your particular area of interest can provide extremely powerful and influential insight into your customer base.

A well thought-out  monitoring campaign that is designed to achieve  specific objectives  should  form a key point in the planning and definition of digital strategy and content creation.

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