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Client Case Study: Mining / Resource

Key Contact: 

Media Specialist & External Relations Manager. 

Organisation Background:

Our client is a multi-national metals and mining corporation, with operations across six continents.  Founded 150 years ago, they have  established themselves as a world leader in the production of commodities and as a forward thinking organisation, willing to explore new techniques in order to gain a competitive edge.

The Situation:

Each year millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours are invested in mining research and exploration projects across Australia.  Each project is unique and often requires a delicate touch, a great deal of listening, and significant community and government consultation.  

Our client required a solution that could assist in the protection of their investments while ensuring that they are able to proactively evaluate and address concerns of the public, government and other groups and partites.

The Solution:

Step 1: Collation.

A BuzzNumbers Account Manager worked with the client as well as their PR and Media teams in order to fully scope an initial monitoring exercise that could be used as a template to be rolled out for each major project being undertaken.

Step 2: Monitor.

Once the desired insights  and goals  were defined, keywords and phrases were loaded into the BuzzNumbers monitoring system to harvest and analyse the relevant conversations.

The Results:

Result 1: Power of location.

Using the unique power of BuzzNumbers’ mapping option, our client is able to quickly and easily identify projects which are garnering unexpected levels of attention.

Our client is able to feed relevant information through to the PR and Media teams who are able to drill into the conversations to establish sentiment, providing unprecedented opportunity to shift resource around in order to better deal with the associated attention.

Result 2: Measured Response.

Our client quickly gained access to public conversations being had online by members of various protest groups, allowing our client to set-out strategies and respond appropriately.

General conversations within local communities are now explored, providing a view around sentiment towards the project as well as providing insight into the concerns and questions being raised by community members.

Result 3: Pre-emptive Planning .

BuzzNumbers was able to identify a range of media personalities and government officials that, by tracking, allowed our client to anticipate attitudinal shifts and identify the possibility of legislative changes towards key projects.


Engaging in conversation via social media is not necessarily appropriate for all organisations, but its ability to deliver insight and information is clearly an opportunity for everyone. 

As a research tool, social media monitoring offers unprecedented levels of access to information without the time, expense and bias that you need to accept when using other tools and techniques.

A well thought-out monitoring campaign can quickly form the foundation for strategic action while also offering a fantastic solution for short-term, tactical responses.

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