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Client Case Study: Automotive

Key Contact: 

National Marketing Manager.

Organisation Background:

As a passionate and visionary leader of the automotive industry, our client strives to deliver exciting and innovative products with integrity to the Australian market.  With a genuine customer focus they have adopted a long term vision for all of their products and programs.

The Situation:

With a national network of dealers, our client required a social media monitoring and reporting solution that delivered insight across:

  • Sentiment of national ABL and BTL campaigns in support of all model ranges down to dealership level.
  • Dealership engagement with head office and implementation of national advertising.
  • Recall and crisis management.

The Solution:

Step 1: Collation.

A BuzzNumbers Account Manager worked with the client to determine the best set of key-words in order to track all promotions as well as all vehicle models on offer both by their organisation and those of their competitors.

Step 2: Monitor.

Once the desired insights  and goals  were defined, keywords and phrases were loaded into the BuzzNumbers monitoring system to harvest and analyse the relevant conversations.  Particular attention was paid on setting peak alerts to ensure any responses to recalls were effectively managed.

The Results:

Result 1: Improved Communications.

Regular model and campaign updates as well as competitor insights started to collect immediately and automated emails were set up in the BuzzNumbers monitoring system to share this new-found information with key stake-holders as well as selected insights being passed directly to dealerships.

Result 2: Inventory Anticipation.

When social media information about specific models was placed against more traditional sales and inventory data, clear trends were discovered.  Our client was able to modify inventory supply based on a collection of data, including insights gained from social media monitoring.

Result 3: Community Engagement.

Several influential automotive communities were discovered over the course of monitoring and our client was able to develop an innovative engagement campaign to connect with key influencers to encourage discussion and participation with the brand.

Result 4: Improved Communications.

Regular model and campaign updates as well as competitor insights started to collect immediately and automated emails were set up in the BuzzNumbers monitoring system in order to share this new-found information with key stake-holders.  Selected insights were also passed directly to dealerships.

Any major issues with vehicle recalls was flagged and messages passed to the related dealership along with the correct head office team members.

Result 5: Pin-Point Pain-Points.

In an effort to improve aftersales service, our client monitored a range of customer service related key-words.  Several service related issues were identified, allowing the organisation to review training processes and update how specific customer concerns are dealt with.


Social media can prove to be a revolutionary marketing tool, but it is also offers significant opportunity for organisational improvement and the streamlining of processes. 

While a customer is unlikely to disclose all of their feelings via a survey or directly to an organisation’s staff, there is a strong possibility that they will discuss their experience via social media – presenting an excellent opportunity to address issues and deal with actual pain-points (vs. dealing with perceived issues).

Some companies simply do not have the time or resource to manage social media programs internally – BuzzNumbers Account Service offers an ideal solution, allowing you to take full advantage of the social media space without the time and effort to hire, train and indoctrinate an internal social media team.

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