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Client Case Study: Retail

Key Contact: 

Public Relations Director.

Organisation Background:

Our client is a leading hardware and building supplies retailer, operating close to 300 stores across Australia and New Zealand.  With a market leading warehouses style format, they offer customers a comprehensive hardware, timber and building supplies range along with garden supplies and selected outdoor furniture.

The Situation:

Our client makes significant investments in support of key seasonal campaigns while also providing insight and direction for community based programs offered at the local level. 

While more traditional methods of measuring the success of campaigns and community engagement offered some level of reassurance, there remained a lack of connection between the customer and those creating and implementing the programs.

The Solution:

Step 1: Collation.

A BuzzNumbers Account Manager worked with the client to determine the best set of key-words in order to track all of the seasonal campaigns for the year as well as all of the sponsored community events slated to occur across the company’s some 300 locations..

Step 2: Monitor.

Once the desired insights  and goals  were defined, keywords and phrases were loaded into the BuzzNumbers monitoring system to harvest and analyse the relevant conversations.

The Results:

Result 1: Catch the Catastrophe.

During the course of monitoring for the client’s specific set of key-words, a very concerning conversation was discovered relating to the safety of a product.  The organisation was able to act swiftly, responding to those impacted while, at the same time, taking appropriate steps to ensure no further incidents would occur.

Result 2: Tracking with a  Tactical Response.

The client’s set of campaign specific key-words uncovered an unexpected spike in negative sentiment.  After drilling into the negative conversations, it was clear that the main prize offered by a specific in-store promotion was not appropriate for the target audience.  Our client was able to address the issue by quickly modifying the promotion, re-issuing collateral – thus eliminating the negative sentiment and creating a far more effective campaign.

Result 3: Power of Location.

Using the unique power of BuzzNumbers’ mapping option, our client is constantly able to identify their share of voice at a national level and then drill down into each key area to determine risks from competitors.  As new competitors emerge, our client’s benchmark tracking provides invaluable data that can be used in concert with sales figures.


While many organisations still use traditional tracking tools in order to satisfy different business requirements, social media monitoring is proving exceptionally valuable as a way to add dimension to other facts and figures from throughout the organisation and as tool that unlocks the opportunity address real-world issues at a customer level.

Many organisations are still not fully exploring the opportunities that exist in the social media space, but engaging in social media monitoring allows for benchmarking, introspective performance improvements as well as the identification of threats from known and unknown competitors.

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