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May 2013 Product Update

1. Pinterest Coverage

We have added coverage for Pinterest now and data will be available for all campaigns that have the Images source switched on in their campaign settings. To search if you’ve had Pinterest mentions follow these steps:

BuzzNumbers will return mentions from Pinterest that are keyword matched in the captions below the images. It is worth noting that the data from Pinterest will not be as frequent as some of our other searches. You can expect updated mentions every other day. We will continue to work on the polling frequency.


2. Peak Alerts & SMS Notification Released

The upgraded peak alerts system has been released with much more flexible functionality to alert you when you need to know there has been a particular trigger in your account. The old Peak Alerts system is still included – this is where you can set up to receive an email when there is a significant spike in volume in your campaign. There are now improved features including notifications on:

  • Specific keywords matched
  • Frequency of mentions matching a keyword/topic/hashtag etc.
  • Frequency of Twitter handles that are posting
  • SMS alerts
  • Many other combinations!

You can now select to be notified with SMS Alerts for these peaks, as well or instead of email.

I encourage you to have a look into your Peak Alerts and if they haven’t been fully working for you in the past, these should help to improve the detail you can drill into when you are alerted. Check out the video which demonstrates:


3. Data table included in Reports

We had a number of requests to include data tables into our Reports, similar to what you can do through Analyse. We heard you, and we’ve now added an option in to do this on a per chart basis. See These tables will be included in the PDF, PowerPoint and email exports as well as the Scheduled Reports.


4. Automatic Topic Reprocessing

Now, anytime you create a new topic or add a new keyword to an existing topic, BuzzNumbers will automatically search through the data in your account for matches up to three months old and add them to this topic. This will replace the need to manually add mentions to Topics through the Monitor for backdated mentions.
When editing or creating a new Topic, the pop up message will alert you that the last 3 months of data will be reprocessed.

This means that Topics can now be used to accurately see where themes are recurring in your data when looking at Analyse or Reports. So, we are retiring the charts for Analyse by Keywords, as for the large majority of our clients this was repetitive and a cumbersome way to decipher trends in the data.

Example: A client tracking “vaccine,” “vaccination,” “vaccinations” would have had these show as three separate keywords matched in a keyword chart. Now using topics these can be aggregated into the same data point. Given each chart displays a maximum of 10 data points the result is that clients with multiple keywords get a much clearer picture of their mentions using this aggregation.

Also as Topic Reprocessing allows keywords to be added into Topics retrospectively (where as keyword matching is done at the point of collection) this is the most accurate way for this data to be displayed.



5. LinkedIn Answers no longer supported

LinkedIn have chosen to retire the Answers forum on their site. This means that BuzzNumbers obviously can’t poll data from there any more  As the rest of LinkedIn is closed network (i.e. only connections can view) we will not be able to bring you any LinkedIn data. As with all sites, we will continue to search for other avenues of data collection where possible. See LinkedIn’s explanation here:


Coming Up in BuzzNumbers

  • History tracking – we are currently creating improved functionality when viewing Engage interactions between particular users. This should allow clients to filter down to individuals and see history of their engagement.
  • BuzzInfluence changes – our Tech team are looking to add a flexible layer to BuzzInfluence ratings, so that clients can mark Influence based on what’s important to them.
  • Saving Time Frames to Default Filters – this will allow you to adjust your default filters on the Monitor to store time frames..


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