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Top Ten Takeaways from ad:tech Australia

By Rachel Baartz, Digital Solutions Specialist, BuzzNumbers (an iSentia service). 1. To live a creative life, is to lose the fear of being wrong. Incorporating brainstorming where colleagues listen to each other and […]

3 April, 2014 - No Comments

The small business guide to building a following on social media.

  Michael Grierson – Social Insights at BuzzNumbers So, you’re a small business and you’ve decided to take the plunge and enter brave new the world of social media. Only problem.. you’re shouting […]

18 March, 2014 - No Comments

The power of social selling in a B2B sales environment.

By Matthew Strutt – Business Development Manager at BuzzNumbers The way we connect with people has changed, not only in our every day lives but in our professional lives too. The way we […]

22 November, 2013 - 1 Comment

Using Social Media for Market Research

          Michael Grierson – Analyst at BuzzNumbers Every minute of every day there are conversations happening about your brand, your competitors and your industry. Within these conversations can be […]

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Getting your organisation SOCIAL about social media

By Jess Whittaker – BuzzNumbers Product Evangelist and Head of Digital for iSentia Australia.           The question of “who owns social media” is asked of me several times a […]

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Paid parental leave verdict shaped by platform

This article originally appeared in The Australian. MUCH media coverage has been afforded Tony Abbott’s proposed paid parental leave scheme. It has been the most mentioned media issue in the country during the past […]

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Social media analysis reveals Abbott under attack over gay marriage stance

Australia’s alternative prime minister Tony Abbott may have made headlines in the mainstream media this week following a series of gaffes, but it was his confrontation with US pop star Katy Perry and […]

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Gillard: Online hero but offline zero [w/video]

Local and international social media commentary have been overwhelmingly positive about the Prime Minister’s speech on Tuesday attacking Tony Abbott as a misogynist. But social media analysts say the positive tweets are unlikely […]

11 October, 2012 - No Comments

Great guide on how to suck less using Instragram.

Casey Neistat  has put together a fun video guide on how to suck less using Instagram along with some basic rules of engagement. He provides a couple of examples of how some celebrities use […]

4 October, 2012 - No Comments

Turn Trolls into a net to catch some internet love!

Job done!  The Daily Telegraph has won the war against social media bullying, trolls and flaming!  Or, maybe they just got bored and moved on…. Gazumped by today’s news that a Melbourne man […]

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