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Empower cross departmental teams to take decisive action and deliver social media ROI.

The social media revolution is upon us! Our social media experts will design a social media coaching workshop, milestones and help you detail your objectives in order to deliver the social media understanding, engagement and results your business is demanding. For some it can be challenging to grasp how social media fits into the bigger picture and delivers ROI for your business. For others it is all about evaluating their business current state of play, setting goals, empowering team members and shifting into high gear. Let us know your social media challenge and we'll work with you to deliver powerful sessions that unlock your full potential.


Social media is as revolutionary to how we do business as the invention of the printing press was in the 15th century. Social is still new for most executives so to harness its full potential you need a strong foundation and structure for implementation in order to deliver key business goals.


Join in and take the journey to understand and be inspired by social media! Each step of the facilitation process takes your key business goals into account and allows attendees to work through the challenges in order to deliver real-world results.


It is time to make social media part of your business vernacular. Empower members of your team to take concrete steps in delivering key business goals using social media, all with the aid of an experienced facilitator who can assist you in reaching your objectives.


What is it?

Held on-site at your office, easily gain a social media background and see how it is quickly reshaping the way we do business. This is a real eye opener for executives on the social media landscape and how it is not just for kids anymore!

Ideal for.

Time poor senior executives who need to understand social media and its business applications.

Session info.

One half day session.

Prices start from:

$5,000 Up to 6 attendees + gst $800 Per additional attendee + gst


What is it?

Bring together your nominated cross-functional managers and work through the creation of a social media action plan, all in support of delivering key business goals. Walk away with a road-map, milestones and the power to deliver.

Ideal for.

To empower key members of your business who can take direct action and deliver social ROI.

Session info.

Four half day sessions.

Prices start from:

$12,500 Up to 6 attendees + gst $1200 Per additional attendee + gst